Briefs file through October 11, 2018


Nineteen amicus (or Ňfriend-of-the-courtÓ) briefs filed in support of the Petitioner. Among the more notable amici are:

á       The ACLU, R-Street Institute, Fines and Fees Justice Center and Southern Poverty Law Center, which submitted a brief that examines the effect of excessive fines and fees on the poor, as well as the use of fees to raise revenue for the government.

á       The American Bar AssociationŐs brief examines how the Excessive Fines Clause protects equality of justice under the law.

á       The Constitutional Accountability CenterŐs brief spotlights the history of the passage of the 14th Amendment, and abuse of fines and forfeitures in post-Civil War southern states.

á       The DKT Liberty Project, Cato Institute, Goldwater Institute, Due Process Institute, Federal Bar Association Civil Rights Section and Texas Public Policy FoundationŐs brief examines the abuses of forfeiture, fines and plea bargaining.

á       The Drug Policy Alliance, NAACP, Americans for Prosperity, Brennan Center for Justice, FreedomWorks Foundation, Law Enforcement Action Partnership and othersŐ brief examines the history of civil forfeiture and how it came to be.

á       Three prominent scholars of the Eighth Amendment submitted a neutral brief that provides a deep dive into the history behind the Excessive Fines Clause, going back to Magna Carta.

á       The Institute for Free SpeechŐs brief documents the danger of excessive fines for technical violations of campaign finance laws.

á       The Juvenile Law Center and 40 other organizations filed a brief that chronicles the harsh effects of excessive fines on juveniles in the criminal justice system.

á       The NAACP Legal Defense and Education FundŐs brief provide a history of the 14th Amendment and asks the Court to revisit cases where it declined to incorporate portions of the Bill of Rights against the states.

á       The Pacific Legal FoundationŐs brief documents abusive fines by state and local governments.

á       A collection of scholars, represented by UCLA School of Law Professor Eugene Volokh, filed a brief that discusses how excessive fines impact the poor.

á       The U.S. Chamber of Commerce filed a brief that examines how state attorneys general and other state and local government agencies impose excessive fines on businesses to raise revenue and even for political reasons.


Amicus Brief filed in support of the respondent

Brief amicus curiae of National Association of Counties, et al.