Spring Term - 2017

United States Constitution

Legal Terms Used in the Various Cases

Week 1: March 22
Lee v. Tam

What will a decision in this case mean to the Washington Redskins?
Brief for Petitioner, Michelle Lee
Brief for Respondent, Simon Tam

Week 2: March 29
Nelson and Madden v. Colorado

I'm free, so can I have my money back?
Brief for Petitioner, Shannon Nelson and Louis Madden
Brief for Respondent, Colorado

Week 3: April 5
County of Los Angeles v. Mendez

The cops made me do it!
Background: Decision in Graham v. Connor
Brief for Petitioneer, County of Los Angeles
Brief for Respondent, Angel Mendez

Week 4: April 12
Impressions v. Lexmark

If you hold the patent, what rights do you have?
Questions Presented
Background: Decision in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Brief for Petitioneer, Impressions Products
Brief for Respondent, Lexmark

Week 5 April 19
Howell v. Howell

It's my disablility benefits. What made you entitled to some of it?
Background: Decision in the Mansell v. Mansell Case
Brief for Petitioneer, John Howell
Brief for Respondent, Sandra Howell

Week 6: April 26
Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley

Separation of church and state. Where is the line?
Background of the Trinity Case - Missouri Constitution, Article I, ยง 7
Brief for Petitioneer, Trinity Lutheran Church
Brief for Respondent, Sara Pauley

Week 7: May 3
Maslenjak v. United States

I'm a naturalized citizen. Can I really be stripped of my citizenship and be deported for telling a little fib?
Background of the Maslenjak Case - Applicable Statutes
Brief for Petitioneer, Divna Maslenjak
Brief for Respondent, United States

Week 8: May 10

McWilliams v. Dunn

I'm really crazy. Why can't I have a shrink that agrees with me?
Background of the McWilliams Case - Applicable Statutes
Brief for Petitioneer, James McWilliams
Brief for Respondent, Jefferson Dunn