Spring Term - 2017

United States Constitution

Legal Terms Used in the Various Cases

Week 1: March 22
Hurst v. Florida

Does Florida's death sentencing scheme violate the Sixth Amendment or the Eigth Amendment? Who decides on the death penalty?
Cases Referenced in the Briefs
Hurst's Crime
Brief for Petitioner, Hurst
Brief for Respondent, Florida

Week 2: March 29
Foster v. Chatman

Did the Georgia courts err in failing to recognize race discrimination under Batson v. Kentucky in the extraordinary circumstances of the petitioner's death penalty case?
What is a Batson Challenge?
Brief for Petitioner, Foster
Brief for Respondent, Chatman

Week 3: April 5
Evenwel v. Abbott, Governor of Texas

Should redistricting for elections be based upon the number of eligible voters or the total population within each district?
Brief for Appellant-Petitioner, Evenwel
Brief for Appellee-Respondent, Abbott

Week 4: April 12
Lockhart v. United States

We need English teachers to help us out on this one. What does "or" mean?
Statutory Provisions and Some Definitions
Brief for Petitioner, Lockhart
Brief for Respondent, The Untied States

Week 5: April 19

Today we will discuss three historically significant cases.

Week 6: April 26
Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission,

Before reading the briefs in this case, you'll first need to look at a decision made this past June:
Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission
Then review definitions of per curiam and de minimis

Brief for Appellants, Harris
Brief for Appellees, Arizone Independent Redistricting Commission

Week 7: May 3

Week 8: May 10