Fall Term - 2018

United States Constitution

Spring Term - 2019

Legal terms which arise in the cases we will be studying. This list will continue to grow as we add new cases.

Week 1: March 26
Flowers v. Mississippi

What restrictions are place on peremptory challenges of prospective jury members?
Summary of the case
Summary of Batson v. Kentucky cited in the briefs
Brief for Petitioner, Curtis Flowers
Brief for Respondent, State of Mississippi


Week 2: April 2
Rucho v. Common Cause

What degree of political gerrymandering is constitutional?
Facts of the case
Summary of Baker v. Carr cited in the briefs
Summary of Gill v. Whitford cited in the briefs
Brief for Appellant, Robert Rucho,
Brief for Appellees, Common Cause, et. al.


Week 3: April 9
There is no class on April 9


Week 4: April 16
Iancu v. Brunetti

Does the prohibition of registration of immoral or scandalous trademarks violate the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment?

CAUTION This case involves discussions of profanity, excretory, and sexual trade marks. So skip the reading of the explicit Respondents brief if you think you might be offended.
Facts of the case
Summary of cases cited: Matal v. Tam and Cohen v. California
Brief for Petitioner, Andrei Iancu, Director the Patent and Trademark Office
Brief for Respondent, Erik Brunetti


Week 5: April 23
Department of Commerce v. State of New York

Is there a valid reason for the Census to contain a question on citizenship?
Facts of the case
Citizenship Question
Brief for Petitioner, Department of Commerces, et. al.
Brief for Respondent, State of New York, et. al.


Week 6: April 30
Gerald Mitchell v. State of Wisconsin

I just want a small taste of your blood.
Question Before the Court
Brief for Petitioner, Gerald P. Mitchell
Brief for Respondent, State of Wisconsin


Week 7: May 7

Week 8: May 14

US Ciruit Courts of Appeal