Fall Term - 2018

United States Constitution

Fall Term - 2018

Legal terms which arise in the cases we will be studying. This list will continue to grow as we add new cases.

Week 1: October 17
Madison v. Alabama

Can anyone be executed or does the Eight Amendment play a role?
Summary of cases cited in the briefs
Brief for Petitioner, Vernon Madison
Brief for Respondent, State of Alabama


Week 2: October 24
United States v. Stitt & Sims

Can I Burglarize Your Car or Cargo Container If You Are Living In It? Or Must It Be A Building?
Definitions of Burglary
Brief for Petitioner, United States
Brief for Respondents, Stitt & Sims

Week 3: October 31
Gamble v. United States

Just What Does Double Jeopardy Really Mean?
Summary of Cases Cited
The Separate Sovereigns Doctrine
Brief for Petitioner, Gamble
Brief for Respondent, United States

Week 4: November 7
Timbs and a 2012 Land Rover v. Indiana

Let the punishment fit the crime, from the Mikado by William Gilbert
Facts of the Case
Amici Briefings
AMICI Brief for ACLU
Legal Terms re: Forfeiture
Brief for Petitioner, Tyson Timbs
Brief for Respondent, State of Indiana