Spring Term - 2020

United States Constitution

Legal terms which arise in the cases we will be studying. This list will continue to grow as we add new cases.

Week 1: March 31
Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California

Should they go, or should they stay?
DACA Background
Administrative Procedure Act
Brief for Petitioner, Department of Homeland Security
Brief for Respondent, Regents of the University of California


Week 2: April 7
Trump v. Vance

Just how far reaching is Article II or the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution?
Cases Cited
Brief for Petitioners, Donald J. Trump,
Brief for Respondents, Cyrus R. Vance


Week 3: April 14
Kendra Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue

What Does Separation of Church and State Really Mean?
Facts of the case
Relevant Citations Referenced
Brief for Petitioners, Kendra Espinoza,
Brief for Respondents, Montana Department of Revenue,



Week 4: April 21

Week 5: April 28

Week 6: May 5

Week 7: May 12

The Chief and Future Chief

Week 8: May 19

US Ciruit Courts of Appeal