Spring Term - 2017

United States Constitution

Legal Terms Used in the Various Cases

Week 1: March 22
Lee v. Tam

What will a decision in this case mean to the Washington Redskins?
Brief for Petitioner, Michelle Lee
Brief for Respondent, Simon Tam

Week 2: March 29
Nelson and Madden v. Colorado

I'm free, so can I have my money back?
Brief for Petitioner, Shannon Nelson and Louis Madden
Brief for Respondent, Colorado

Week 3: April 5
County of Los Angeles v. Mendez

The cops made me do it!
Background: Decision in Graham v. Connor
Brief for Petitioneer, County of Los Angeles
Brief for Respondent, Angel Mendez

Week 4: April 12
Impressions v. Lexmark

If you hold the patent, what rights do you have?
Questions Presented
Background: Decision in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Brief for Petitioneer, Impressions Products
Brief for Respondent, Lexmark

Week 5 April 19
Howell v. Howell

It's my disablility benefits. What made you entitled to some of it?
Background of the Howell Case
Brief for Petitioneer, John Howell
Brief for Respondent, Sandra Howell

Week 6: April 26
Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley

Separation of church and state. Where is the line?
Background of the Trinity Case
Brief for Petitioneer, Trinity Lutheran Church Products
Brief for Respondent, Sara Pauley

Week 7: May 3
Maslenjak v. United States

I'm a naturalized citizen. Can I really be stripped of my citizenship and be deported for telling a little fib?
Background of the Maslenjak Case
Brief for Petitioneer, Divna Maslenjak
Brief for Respondent, United States